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Fun Farm Activities

There is so much fun to have at Bumbleberry Farms! U-pick gardens, petting zoo, playground, corn maze, tours and more! 

Forest Trail

New! WhimzyWoodz

Step into our magical woods of imagination! Visit the Pixie Place to be transformed into a fairy, have a tea party, and search for the secret fairy gardens hidden around the glen. Stop by the Bumbleberry Farmer’s House to help with household chores like kitchen and laundry play. Enjoy our Native American Summer Hunting Camp and learn to write a secret message using ancient pictographs and play traditional Native American games. Then hop over to the Pirates Cove to play pirate-inspired games, dig in the sand for possible sunken treasure, and captain the shipwrecked boat. Finally, try your skills on the woodland obstacle course! The Whimzy Woodz are only as limited as your imagination! Cost: $10/kid available for purchase in-house only. Now Open!

New! Toddler Tuesdays

Join us every Tuesday at 3pm as Miss Allie reads a story! Afterwards kids are invited to participate in short fun activities and a craft.

This is a free event starting July 16

Child Reading in the Grass
Vegetable Farm

New! Farmer Talks 

Join Farmer Brian to learn all about what it takes to be a blueberry farmer! You will learn facts and numbers that will blow your mind and trivia you can use to impress your friends.

This is a free event on Sundays at 4pm: 

July 21: Proper care of blueberry plants - Soil, planting, water usage, fertilizers and pruning.

July 28: Typical pests and problems affecting blueberries and how to fix them - Bugs, diseases, animals, and corrective measures.

August 4: Organic versus Conventional: What that Really means for consumers and farmers - Historical, original intent of organic farming, organic evolution to what we see today, conventional farming, and a comparison-contrast of both types of farming and what these mean to consumers and farmers today

August 25: Blueberries and Mother Nature: how Mother Nature affects Blueberry farmers -Weather, heat, cold, rain, drought, carbon footprint, pests, and the ever changing battle to bring consumers their best product

New! Future Farmer for a Day

Ever wonder what it takes to be a farmer? With Future Farmer for a Day you get to experience a day in the life of a farmer. Future farmers will learn about:
How blueberry grow, how they are pruned, why bees are so important, how a blueberry blooms and why, different varieties of blueberries, common bugs and plant diseases. How to pick like a professional. How to take care of animals including rabbits, chickens, goats and more.


New! Foraging Class

Budding Foragers will take a nature hike to see what they can find! During this hike you will learn about native plants and their uses, forage for useful plants, make a take home nature craft and more!


Want to learn about how Blueberries are grown and packaged? Want to see a multigenerational farm?

Check out our fun and educational tours!


Petting Zoo

Come visit and pet our farm animals! Our animals are friendly and love treats! We have rabbits, pigs, goats, ducks, chickens and donkeys.

Market Store

Local fruits and vegetables both fresh and frozen. Along with jams, jellies, syrup, cider, and much more!

IMG_3581 copy.jpg

Wagon Rides

Enjoy a fun ride around the farm in our tractor pulled wagon with informational dialog about the farm along the way!

Barrel Train Rides

Hop on in the Barrel Train for a fun ride at the farm! 



Don't forget to stop by the playground Where our young visitors can play to their heart's content!

Dig Zone

Come see what you can dig up in the Dig Zone! Kids can forage around for some cool rock!

Polished Stones
Harvest Host.png

Harvest Host

Want to camp at Bumbleberry? You can! Park your camper/RV for free! You only have to spend at least $25 on Bumbleberry products.

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