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Larry The Log

This was an exciting day! Larry the Log washed up on the pier on South Beach when we had a crazy storm. He held on for weeks, even through some challenging weather. He has been featured on News Channel 3 and everyone was watching to see how long he would make it. Then, yesterday the city moved him off the pier. Word on the street was that he was destined for the chipper! After much community outcry, we decided to see if we could Save Larry! After being given permission from the city to relocate him, Larry made the trip out to his new home at Bumbleberry. He has been given a place of honor on our front lawn. We will be placing a sign with Larry’s story and landscaping around him to create a beautiful photo opportunity for our local hero. Please come out and visit with Larry anytime! He loves making new friends! **A very special thank you to Mike Frabe of Just Horseplay Transportation and Rick O’Neal of New Day Blueberry Farms for helping us bring Larry home!

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