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Meet the Family!


Brian and Beth

The Farmer and His Wife

Brian was born and raised in South Haven and has blueberry farming in his blood. He started working in blueberries at the age of 11 in 1976 when his parents bought their first blueberry farm. He has worked every job imaginable on the farm and in the blueberry industry, including stacking lugs at the Michigan Blueberry Growers Association (aka MBG Marketing), creating the first ever plastic clamshell for blueberries while working in packaging for MBG, to being the Vice President of Product Management at Naturipe Farms (yes, the Naturipe you see in your local grocery stores!) His blood truly bleeds blue-berries! Brian met the love of his life on the phone in 1998 when talking to her father who was a blueberry customer of his. Their pre-marriage story is hilarious as well as heartwarming. Ask them and they will tell you all about how many times Brian hung up the phone before he realized “she is the one!”  Beth, originally from NC, will tell the story with more flair and an accent. They married in less than a year and had their first child 1 week before their first anniversary. Beth brings her teaching experience and creativity to Bumbleberry to create the family fun environment we all enjoy every day. 5 kids and 23 years later, their love for each other and farming is evident in all they do.


Anna Bocock

The Farmer’s First Daughter

Anna came into the world with passion and has lived every moment that way since. She is the classic overachiever who loves to do almost everything (getting up early is not one of those things!) Anna can frequently be found in the kitchen creating new recipes or pie designs. She also loves to paint and her artwork can be found all around the farm, as well as in the store for sale. She is currently a student at the University of Mount Olive in North Carolina finishing her undergrad in Exercise Science and Sports Medicine before continuing her education to pursue her doctorate at Logan University. In her spare time she loves coaching softball, hanging out with friends, and hammocking by the beach. 


Gabriel Bocock (Gabe)

The Farmer’s Only Son aka “Bubba”

Gabe has the distinction of being “the only boy in a house full of girls”. He is frequently working on the farm with the animals or in a tractor. He is a jack of all trades, but especially likes working on cars with his buddies. He is also full of “useless trivia”. Ask him anything and he probably knows some kind of information about it…if he doesn’t know he is always good for a good story! Gabe is currently attending Lake Michigan College majoring in business. In his spare time, he has his own photography business, Gabe Bocock Photography, and specializes in farm landscapes and fun family portraits. Look for his work inside the store!


Abigail Bocock (Abby)

The Farmer’s Daughter aka “The Blonde One”

Abby, also known as “the Blonde One”, is the third Bocock and the middle child. Abby is most frequently found at the farmers markets or at the register in the store. She is currently enrolled at Carthage College, double majoring in Special Education and Elementary Education, while playing golf for the Carthage Lady Firebirds. She hopes to change the world while working in special education, and we believe she will! In her spare time, Abby enjoys hanging out with friends, shoe shopping, and playing golf.


Samantha Bocock (Sam)

The Farmer’s Daughter aka “The tall, curly-haired redhead “

Being the fourth child, but first redhead, Sam is full of spunk. She is also our resident “animal whisperer”. Got questions about animal care? Find Samantha! Sam is now a senior at South Haven High School and is dual enrolled at Lake Michigan College. Sam is captain of the Lady Rams Varsity Golf team. In her spare time you will find her hanging out with friends, thrift shopping, or playing with the rabbits. 


Caroline Bocock 

The Farmer’s Daughter aka “The little red-headed one”

While she isn’t little (being almost the tallest in the family), Caroline is known as “the little one” just by being the youngest Bocock. Caroline has a real knock in the kitchen and is the best pie crust maker we have! She is frequently found pretty much anywhere at the farm, but especially enjoys riding around inspecting things with her daddy. Caroline will be a Junior at South Haven High School and dual enrolled at Lake Michigan College. She is an outstanding goalie and forward and has been playing varsity soccer since her freshman year. In her free time Caroline enjoys watching YouTube videos, hanging out with family and friends, and building things/doing scientific experiments.

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